I was able to play the game through Steam yesterday without any issues.  Today, I did my usual launch routine by clicking the War Thunder option from the toolbar.  Ordinarily, the launcher pops up, checks for updates, then I click Play and off I go.  This time, I received the Steam installation popup:




Confused, I went to the Steam library and, sure enough, according to Steam the game has not been installed:




So, I checked the installation folder to make sure everything was still where it should be… and it is:






I am able to successfully launch the game through the aces.exe icon within the folder and I can also successfully launch from the Nvidia GeForce Experience games tab.  And even after launch through those methods, the game still shows as uninstalled in the Steam library.  And, of course, I tried a PC restart just to see if something was being stupid.


Any suggestions?  As long as I’m still able to play the game (which I am) I’m not too upset about anything… but it sure is goofy.

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