In its new fight against PUBG cheaters, the developer is beginning to implement some new anti-cheat systems. Unfortunately, it seems that the battle against cheater scum will also affect the everyday gamer, with many now experiencing a PUBG DXGI.DLL ERROR.

Below you’ll find the most common solutions to this issue, and how to avoid the PUBG dxgi.dll error popping up in the future.

PUBG dxgi.dll Error Fix: How to Fix PUBG Cannot Find dxgi.dll

With the new PUBG anti-cheat systems in place, the game will now block the loading of the dxgi.dll file. This must be deleted in order for PUBG to load.

Head to [Game Drive]: \Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\ and then delete “dxgi.dll”.

PUBG dxgi.dll Error Fix: How to Uninstall Reshade From PUBG

Even if you attempt to uninstall Reshade, the dxgi.dll file may still remain. To uninstall Reshade completely, you’ll need to head to the following folder, and delete the “reshade-shaders” folder, both “dxgi” .ini files, and “dxgi.ll”.

This is the folder where the above files are located: [Game Drive]: \Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\ and then delete “dxgi.dll”.

PUBG dxgi.dll Error Fix: How to Get PUBG Unblocked

If you’ve followed the above advice, or never installed Reshade in the first place, then you’ll have to look at the other programs you have open. It’s possible that there’s a conflict which is preventing PUBG from working properly.

Close all programs, and then open the game. Continue to open programs one by one until the game stops working. That should help you identify which program is causing the issue.

Failing all of this, I’d advise uninstalling the game, and then manually deleting the game’s folders from the Steam directory. Once you’re sure everything is removed, reinstall PUBG and play!

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