initialise Battleye Service: Generic Error problem fix:

I fixed that by this way…
1.Close steam and any dayz launcher commander etc.
2.Press start button and type in search >>> services without arrows and press enter.
3.Services will open now search for ( battleye service ) in services list open its properties.
4.Set startup type ( disabled ) and apply and ok. close the services now run arma 2 or any server directly by launchers it will going to update again and your game should start now 😉
5.I tried this but i have to do that every time just repeat it if necessary set start type automatic apply and again change to disabled it will work again.

or otherwise problem fix initialise Battleye Service: Generic Error

I deleted the battle eye folder (Found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\(Game)\Battleye By Default) And then went onto steam went to the properties of the game, then to local files and validated the files.

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