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Steps To Run Games In Full Screen Mode On Windows 10

  1. Launch the game’s EXE. Make sure you are running the game just the way you normally do, even if the screen display comes out to be wrong. It is likely that you will see the game pinned to the task bar, and in a minimized window. This is completely to be expected, and should not hinder you from performing the next steps.
  2. Right-click the task bar to open task manager, or use the trusty, old CTRL+ALT+DEL command.
  3. Go to the ‘Applications’ tab in task manager and locate the entry for the game you ran in step 1. Right-click this entry.
  4. From the resulting menu, choose the ‘Go to process’ option.
  5. On the game’s process, hit the ‘Switch To’ option.
  6. Select full screen mode, if that option presents itself.

Game full resolution window

For some users, this method doesn’t work but most have termed it to be effective. To avoid a failure, make sure that you perform the above steps quickly before the process gets unresponsive.

If you can not use this tutorial windows 10 fullscreen games

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