We draw attention to the  Fortnite Error Code: ES-OSS-3 problem of a person:

Error Code ES-OSS-3 in Epic Games Launcher? by TheOneSh0gun

I keep getting the error code in the title whenever I try to login to the Epic Games Launcher, I’ve searched through google and it seems like a server issue on their end, but at the same time, I’m scrolling through Twitter and people seem to be playing Fortnite. Also, I looked through the recent posts on the subreddit and no one is talking about it. Can anyone help?

Update: I just tried on my PS4 as well, and that says I can’t connect to the Fortnite servers. I’m on Discord with my friend and he’s on the Epic Games Launcher on his computer and Fortnite on his PS4 and both are connected fine. Wtf is going on?

Update 2: I uninstalled the Epic Games Launcher to try and fix the issue, but when I went to re-download it, it won’t start and it just has an infinite loading screen that says “Please wait while we start your update”. I hate my life. This is infuriating. It has a little red triangle with an exclamation point in it, when I hover over it, it says “We are currently experiencing connection issues and are retrying.” Wtf? I’m connected to the internet, on discord with friends, playing other games. What the hell is going on?

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