Epic PI-UBI-01 error code fix

Epic PI-UBI-01 error code solved:
-Closed Epic Games Launcher
-Delete webcache in C:\Users\Account\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved
-Opened Ubisoft play website and Login
-Opened Epic Games Site and Login
-Started Epic Games Launcher new

Seems now working. (must redownload the Game because i Reinstalled Epci Games Launcher)

UPDATE: Hello, how are you, yesterday I bought the GR Breakpoint for epic and at the end of the installation I got the message “PI-UBI-1”, until today I was with the problem but then I did this maybe it works.
1. Delete some files, the most important of the game, such as the game executable and ubisoft application
(By the way, the epic application does not auto-repair the missing files, it ends up asking to install everything and the empty game folder, they can cut all the game files to an outside folder)
3. Close both applications (Epic and Uplay)
2. Run the shortcut that Epic created
3. You should throw an error on the website through the link
4. Go back to the epic application and try to start the game, you should do the web verification process, before verifying that the uplay application is executed.
5. Download / install the game with both applications running (Epic and Uplay)
6. Pause and close the Epic application, go to the game installation folder, there will only be one “.egstore” folder, enter the folder.
7. Enter the folder “X: ” EpicGamesFolder “\ GhostReconBreakpoint \ .egstore \ bps \ Install”
and paste the files you saved in step (1).
8. Run the Epic application and resume the download.
9. Run the game and in Uplay you should download 11gb more.

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