Issue Experienced:
Game crashes randomly, not all the time, but sometimes.
Has crashed twice and I’ve only played about 10 matches.
Crashed once when I pushed F12 to personalise a rocket launcher.
2nd time it crashed during a game, didnt make a note of the error.
3rd time it crashed during a moshpit game, error was “fatal error code 5417357423”
4th time it crashed during a moshpit game, the screen just froze during the game, picture froze and no sound, waiting for an age and the game eventually closed itself without an error message, I didn’t reload the game after this crash, but next day I got the safe mode prompt which I said no to.
5th time it crashed at the end of Torques Skirmish mission on Regular difficulty, ended the game with a win on score, game went to load back to the main menu and went black with the following error code 5417780177
Reloading the game Torques Skirmish game was completed, I didn’t have to redo it.
6th time it crashed, end of moshpit game, was trying to load back into the post-game lobby, got the blops logo bottom right for the load, then error code message, crash, click ok, run app again.

Fixed video tutorial:

Here’s a solution that helped me fix Call of Duty Black OPS 4 Fatal Errors on PC. Comment below if this helped you let me know your result. Check the comments below for different solutions.


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